RIBENIO. A brand that spells luxury, style and elegance. Project of WAMEART first identified the opportunity for a world-class, premium and hi-fashion accessory range a few years ago. Since then it has worked ceaselessly to launch and promote RIBENIO as a premium fashion brand on par with international labels with the Ribenio brand, the company plans to leverage its capabilities to offer the fast-growing Pakistani market access to international fashion and quality at a competitive cost. In fact, apart from a wide offering of bag styles for every occasion, Ribenio will launch its exclusive signature line this season. This special line of bags will carry trademark Ribenio prints and designs, keeping the brand on par with fashion movements across the world.

Innovative, Modern and Luxury, Ribenio is dedicated to a vision of style that provides sublimity of opulence from the House of great craftsmanship and genuine leather. The brand ethos rests on its patrons as the brand has traversed on the foundations of designs and quality.

A Couturier for artistically choosing the finest leather and conceiving exquisite designs that bridge the gap between fantasy and fashion. Ribenio luxuriates your choice in choosing everything from leather handbags, belts, and wallets to travel bags and business accessories and many more – Ribenio shall strive to not only provide a signature style statement to its customers but to pronounce that Leather is there in every aspect of a person’s life. Ribenio is close to customer aspirations and services them with flair whilst meeting the requirements of seasons. Ribenio is endowed to have an eye for design, a professional team and good channel facility partners that enables Ribenio to grow with pace, dignity, and grace.